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Caring about the environment ... taking responsibility

In animal breeding, shipping and online appearance increasingly environmentally friendly alternatives are chosen.

The following points have already been realized:

  • Environmentally damaging styrofoam boxes for winter shipping were replaced by hemp mats. These even have better insulation and are disposable in organic waste.
  • Mainly, all offered animals are bred on site. Keeping wild-catch as low as possible is the responsibility of all terraristic fans!
  • The server (website) is operated 100% CO2-free by green electricity.
  • The electricity that is needed daily through the terrarium operation is pure green electricity from Stadtwerke Mühlheim.
  • Various plastic materials (shipping boxes, adhesive films, etc.) have been replaced by biodegradable or renewable bioplastics.
  • Shipping within Germany via DHL is always CO2-neutral.
  • The business bank account is at the GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG, which support sustainable enterprises.
  • The printer paper is 100% recycled paper.

More ideas are always welcome …

Biologisch abbaubare Kunststoffdosen

Biodegradable plastic containers

Recyceltes Papier

Recycling paper

Grüne Energie der Stadtwerke Mühlheim

Green electricity from public utility Mühlheim am Main

CO2-neutraler Paketversand (innerhalb Deutschlands)

CO2-neutral delivery (within Germany)

GLS fördert nachhaltige Unternehmen

Bank supports sustainable companies

Environmentally friendly insulation

Environmentally friendly insulation

Animals from own breeding

Animals from own breeding

Server with green electricity

Server with green electricity