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Humbertiella sp.

Bark mantis

General Information

Scientific name: Humbertiella sp.
Common name: Bark mantis
Distribution: Thailand
Habitat: Bark of trees in warm & humid habitats
Size: Female ~ 4,5 cm
Male ~ 3,5 cm
Livespan: Female ~ 8,5 months
Male ~ 8 months
Colour variations: None
Aggressivity: High*
Difficulty: Middle

*up to L3 group-housing possible


Order: Mantodea
Family: Liturgusidae
Subfamily: Liturgusinae
Tribe: Liturgusini
Genus: Humbertiella

More species of this genus (similar housing and appearance):

  • Humbertiella ceylonica (SAUSSURE, 1869)
  • Humbertiella indica (SAUSSURE, 1869)
  • Humbertiella similis (GIGLIO-TOS, 1917)


Enclosure (LxWxH):

  • Single-housing: from 15 x 15 x 20 cm

Two ventilation areas (gaze at top + front) adviced to prevent waterglogging.

Day 28 - 35 °C, night ~ 20°C

Relative humidity:
Day 60 - 90 %, night 80 - 100%, spray daily every evening!


  • Substrate: Soil, sand, moss etc.
  • Branches and smooth bark (vertical)
  • Living or artificial plants (Beware of pesticides!)
  • Clean with vinegar or biodegradable glass cleaner (afterwards rinse with clear water)

Feeding Recommendation

L1 Small fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster)
L2/L3 Big fruit flies (Drosophila hydei)
L4/L5 Greenbottle flies
L6 to adult Green- and Bluebottle flies

This species also needs crawling insects like crickets/roaches and firebrats!

Feeder insects in the shop...

Gender Determination

In general: 8 visible sternites (ventral segments) at males, 6 at females (compare with Hierodula membranacea).


Adult stage (= full-grown + winged):

Sexually mature after adult moult:
Males ~ 10 days
Females ~ 14 days

Copulation duration:

Oothecae (egg-cases)
Size: ~ 2,5 cm
Form: long & porous
Colour: yellowish
Oviposition place: Bark
First ooth after adult moult: -
Interval: -
Amount: -

Incubation and hatch
Duration: -
Temperatures like animals (see above), rel. humidity over 70% (with good ventilation)
Nymph quantity: -
Size freshly hatched (L1): -

All given information only for orientation. Actual facts always depend on temperature and food availibility etc.!


Humbertiella is a middle-sized genus, which adapted in form and behaviour perfectly to their habitat (tree bark). They are fast runners and perfectly camouflaged.


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