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Shipping restrictions (update: 09.04.21): 

Corona: Delivery times are currently almost always adhered to again.

Weather: Coolpacks or heatpacks are added for free if necessary. Just order, we take care of the rest!


April Special (update: 09.04.21): 

For the mantis species Stagmatoptera: Buy a female, redeem the coupon code MALEFORFREE in the shopping cart and get a male for free (action valid until 30.04.2021 or as long as stock lasts).


More news

09.02.2021: Technical update

Due to a technical update, we were not reachable for a few hours today. Now everything should run smoothly again. If there are still errors (order problems, missing pictures, broken links …), please report here!


Unfortunately we have to postpone the dispatch of your orders. From -15 ° C we cannot warm the package contents sufficiently (without the animals dying due to heat, e.g. if they are stored in heated rooms at the post office).
We do our best to send the packages as soon as possible depending on the temperatures and the products ordered. However, please be prepared for an extension of the delivery time of up to 14 days.
If you still want your order to be sent NOW, we can comply with your request, but our money-back guarantee is no longer applicable if animals or plants do not survive the shipment.

30.12.2021: VAT change for the new year

From now on, the old VAT (19 or 7%) will apply again, as all orders received from now on will only be sent again in the new year.

29.09.2020: Free Heatpacks and Insulation

You can order as usual throughout the winter season. We add, if necessary, heatpacks and insulation for free, so that animals arrive unharmed also at freezing temperatures.

03.08.2020: VAT reduction and discount code “3-2020”

Due to a Corona tax aid until the end of the year (valid in Germany) we can give you the following benefits: Automatically reduced shipping costs and with the coupon code “3-2020” 3% discount on ALL products. This coupon code is valid as long as there are no other News (probably valid until the end of the year).

Happy saving!

25.06.2020: Shipping with cool packs

If necessary, cool packs are added free of charge when shipping live animals. You can order as normal throughout the summer. See also here.

03.06.2020: June-Special!

With Coupon Code “june-20-100” free shipment from 100 Euro order value to all countries (see here). Valid in june 2020.

02.06.2020: Save now up to 20% with bulk discount!

Bulk discounts now available for many products. To be found on the respective product pages. Automatic discounting in the shopping cart.

04.05.2020: 5% Discount MAY SPECIAL!

With Coupon Code “may-20-5” you get 5% discount on all products (from 50 Euro cart value). Valid in may 2020.

16.04.2020: April coupon code!

Free shipment when buying an Orchid mantis (H. coronatus female subadult) with coupon code “20-04-hymenopus“. Valid until the 30th of april 2020 as long as stock lasts!

15.03.2020: Feeder insects supply and the corona crisis

In case of parcel-stops or other delivery problems: How to ensure feeder insects supply for a longer period!

  • Fruit flies (for small nymphs): Big and small Drosophila plus breeding set
  • Greenbottle flies (for middle-sized animals): Pupae and Pinky-maggots can be kept in the fridge for about 1 – 2 months 
  • Bluebottle flies (for big animals): Pupae and maggots can be kept in the fridge for about 1 – 2 months
  • Roaches (for middle-sized and big animals): Easy breeding in ventilated containers or faunaboxes. Heating mat recommended. Dubia roaches can not climb smooth walls, are life-bearing and thus quickly provide for smaller feeder insects supply also. Food for roaches can be found in almost every household (see various breeding instructions on the net).
  • Mealworms (for middle-sized and big animals): Keep mealworms dry and at room temperature or in the fridge. Take care of good ventilation (air holes). Breeding is relatively easy, but does not lead to new supply so quickly due to a longer reproduction period.

04.03.2020: March special!

Free shipment within Germany with “freeship-3” (from 60 Euro order value)

02.02.2020: Flower-mantis-February!

3 Euro discount on each Spiny flower mantis (P. wahlbergii) with coupon code “wahlbergii-3”. Redemmable in the shopping cart until the 29th of February 2020 (as long as stock last).

02.02.2020: Office hours changes

From February 3, 2020 to February 26, 2020, via phone only available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (also applies for pick-ups). After that, times as usual (see regular office hours here).

07.01.2020: Orchid-January!

3 Euro discount on each Orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) with coupon code “hymenopus-3”. Valid until the 31th of January 2020 (as long as stock last).

30.12.2019: NEW YEARS WEEK

5 Euro discount for one glass terrarium with code “happy-new-year”. Valid until the 5th of january 2020.


3 Euro discount for one mantis-cube with code “christmas-special”. Valid until the 24th of december. Redeem the coupon code in the shopping cart and reduce the price for one Mantis-Cube or a Cube-Set NATURE / ART.


For orders to Germany:

  • STANDARD SHIPMENT (DHL) until friday, the 20th of december 2019. So packages arrive before Christmas Eve.
  • SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SHIPMENT:You can also choose an UPS-delivery for your order. These packages will be sent via UPS-Express at the 23th of december and will arrive the next day (at Christmas Eve).
  • SHIPPING BREAK from the 24th of december 2019 until the first of january 2010

For orders to other countries:

  • LAST DAY OF SHIPMENT before christmas is the 17th/18th of december. Please check the regular international shipping days for your country! 
  • SHIPPING BREAK from the 19th of december 2019 until the 5th of january 2010

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

26.11.2019: Black Friday Deal!
Get 5 Euro discount with the coupon-code “blackfriday-29” (from 29 Euro order value). Valid until friday, the 29th of november 2019.

From now on it’s easy: Heatpacks and insulation added for FREE (if necessary)! So just order, we’ll take care of the rest!
There were also some changes regarding shipping & delivery.

25.09.2019: It is getting colder .. but usually no activated heatpack is needed for shipping. However, if it is necessary, it will be added to the package for free.

29.08.2019: Unfortunately, prices for Green – and Bluebottle flies had to be increased because of temperature-related fluctuating quality (maggots + 20 cents, pupae + 30 cents). Thank you for understanding! As always, we try to deliver only high quality feeder insects!

08.08.2019: Unfortunately there will be NO table of M&M Wüst at the upcoming fair in Hamm. New: Participation in the International Insect Exchange fair in Frankfurt! To the fairs/shows …

29.07.2019: Shipment now also available to the following countries: Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania

23.07.2019: Please add a cooling pack when ordering living animals and plants! Recommended from 30°C

12.07.2019: Valid for Switzerland and Austria: Due to an average delivery time of only 2 days, parcels will be dispatched on Wednesdays as well (in total Monday – Wednesday).

07.06.2019: Even at over 30 ° C, shipping is no problem. Depending on the contents and temperatures, the packages are either perforated or shipped with a free cooling pack.

04.03.2019: Holidays are over… you can order as normal again!

Delivery costs are without additional winter packaging. If needed, heatpacks will be added for free.

Presumably there will be lots of Nephila for sale soon… the first spiderlings hatched already.

03.02.2019: HOLIDAYS from the 13th of february to the 4th of march 2019!

In this time no orders can be made. Emails will be answered thereafter.

Last order acceptance: Until 12.02.2019 included! With “bank transfer” payment, packages go out after reciept of money, as always – also within the holidays.

From 04.03.2019 the stock will be updated and the orders will be accepted again.

03.02.2019: HOLIDAYS from the 13th of february to the 4th of march 2019!

In this time no orders can be made. Emails will be answered thereafter.

Last order acceptance: Until 12.02.2019 included! With “bank transfer” payment, packages go out after reciept of money, as always – also within the holidays.

From 04.03.2019 the stock will be updated and the orders will be accepted again.

28.01.2019: Order invertebrates at minus degrees? That’s no problem! Thanks to the automatically added winter packaging, animals and plants usually arrive unharmed, even at freezing temperatures. Simply order .. we will ship when it is possible! At extreme temperatures (below -5 ° C), shipping may take place one or two days later for the sake of the animals.

14.12.2018: Also after Christmas you can order as always… however, at the following days, no shipment is possible: 21th to 26th of december + 31th of december 2018. We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

02.12.2018: Christmas special valid until 24.12.2018 incl.:

+++With coupon code “merry-christmas” 5 Euro discount on the Starter set, the perfect christmas gift for pet-loving kids and terraristic beginners!+++

Update: 18.12.: “Christmas delivery” not an option anymore!
(Order now and have it delivered at Christmas …
Simply select the shipping option “Christmas delivery” (only available within Germany). These orders will be shipped on Thursday, December 20th, and usually arrive before Christmas.
Internationally, orders must be placed and payed by December 17th, to arrive before Christmas. You can always indicate you preferred shipping date in the text field before submitting an order (notice: shipment of packages to other countries than Germany go only out on mondays + tuesdays!).)

(Update 22.12.18: This option is not possbile anymore) 22.11.2018: Now letter delivery of Green and Bluebottle flies also international. To the shipping costs

15.11.2018: Winter is coming… Also at temperatures below zero living animals will be shipped. Thanks to additional insulation, it stays warm inside the packages. The shipping costs are automatically adjusted in the shopping cart. To the winter packing.

01.11.2018: Increase of shipping costs for Heatpacks (International: 1.00 Euro). These costs are automatically added to the shipping costs as soon as praying mantises or other invertebrates are in the shopping cart.

31.10.2018: The shipping costs for packages unfortunately had to be increased a bit. This is due to price increases by DHL. To the current shipping costs here

17.10.2018: Shipment of Gold- and Bluebottle flies now via letter delivery for only 3.90 Euro within Germany (heatpack added for free when necessary). International costs following soon…

25.09.2018: No need to panic despite the cold… If needed, free heat packs will provide enough heat during shipment

05.09.2018: This month there is no table at the fair in Hamm… However, you get a 5 Euro discount with “september-5” when ordering for more than 30 euro

26.07.2018: Free addition of cool packs for living animal shipment (at over 30 ° C)

25.07.2018: RARITY Damon diadema (Whip spiders) available

18.07.2018: NEW: Terrarium plants in the shop

23.06.2018: Spoiler: In a few days small P. wahlbergii available!

21.06.2018: Ghost mantis Phyllocrania paradoxa hatched. Available in a few days!

30th of May 2018: Last newsletter – web view

29th of May 2018: Welcome to the new page of M&M Wüst – Mantids and more!

Both informations and the online shop got a completely new design. Also many new things appeared:

Old accounts are no longer valid (register again). If you have account-related credits, you will receive a message. Of course, coupon codes are still redeemable.