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Pickup & Shows

Address for pickup:

M&m Wüst
Bahnhofstraße 44 
63165 Mühlheim am Main
Visiting hours: Every Thursday from 16 – 17 and 19 – 20 o’clock

You can come every Thursday during visiting hours between 16 – 17 or 19 – 20 o’clock (please send a short message in advance). You can seek advice on the spot, pick up orders already placed or choose a new pet with accessories and food.
However, I ask for your understanding that a visit to the breeding area is not possible!

If you would like to pick something up at another time / day, your order will be handed over to you on the doorstep for reasons of time.

Fair/Show pickup

Paid by bank transfer or PayPal, you can pick up your animals until the end of terraristic shows on the table of M&m Wüst. When paying in cash, the animals remain reserved for you until 1 pm on the respective fair day.

Show dates in Germany:

Booking period

Your animals will generally be reserved for you 7 days after ordering. For an on-site pickup, at the end of the order process, you can suggest a date and time for pickup in the message window.

Please note that pre-orders for terraristic shows can only be accepted one week in advance.

Why so eager?
Cannibalism can occur in group housing, molting failures happen and the prices are stadium-bound. Therefore, the reservation of praying mantises is limited to a short period of time (in general 7 days). Thank you for your understanding!