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Cube-Set ART

Easy to clean

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Modified plastic box ~ 20x20x20 cm


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Gravel black&white

In bundle 50% off: Substrate (for 1-2 fillings)

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Feeding tweezers blunt

Insect tweezers


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Sprayer - 250 ml

Water supply


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Branched plant

Small artificial plant


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This bundle includes all equipment you need for keeping a beginners species. All you need is to add feeder insects for your chosen mantis!

Well suited for: Surprise-Mantis incl. food!

Easy to clean with the durable artifical set-up.

The sets are also a nice gift idea for interested children, praying mantis lovers, terraristic fans and biology enthusiasts … As a Christmas present, birthday gift, Easter gift and co.

For species like Hymenopus coronatus, Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii or jumping spiders please use also a heating mat or other heat source! Also available: Thermometer analog.

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