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Drosogauze ~30×35 cm

Fruit fly safe


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An extremely fine gauze, which prevents also smallest larvae of fruit flies from escaping. Also mites hardly can get through.

Note: Due to the thickness not transparent! Colour: white.

For breeding fruit flies (Drosophila): The piece of 30 x 35 cm is enough for 9 500 ml-deli-cups.

For the Mantis-Cube: Cut the piece in one big part (~ 30 x 30 cm). Clip the big part in the lid of the Mantis-Cube and glue the small remaining stripe over the front air holes (with silikon, glue gun etc.).
Ready is your rearing box where no fruit flies can escape anymore.

Also suitable for keeping sensible nymphs like Empusideae (Gongylus, Idolomantis etc.).

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