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Dubia roach

Blaptica dubia


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Perfect for big mantids: Blaptica dubia, the Dubia roach!

Delivered are 10 medium to large (3 – 4.5 cm body length) cockroaches of mixed sexes in a cricket box.

This species can not climb up smooth surfaces. It requires temperatures of at least 25 ° C for reproduction. Best results are obtained at about 30 ° C. A reproduction in a normal household is rather unlikely because temperatures are usually not high enough.

The oothecae are uptaken again by the females directly after laying. They incubate the oothecae within their body (in a special bag) and then give birth to small cockroaches. So there are no eggs / oothecae in the substrate that you might accidentally miss.

For longer storage temperatures of approx. 20 ° C are suitable.

Food e.g.: Fruit and vegetables, oatmeal, fish flocks and cat food.


Note: Due to the size supplied, they are only suitable for large species of praying mantids in subadult and adult stages!

Analytical components:

Humidity: 62,3%
Crude protein: 28,7%
Crude fat: 7,6%
Raw ash: 1,6%
Crude fiber: 3,6%

living feeder insects

Not suitable for human consumption.
Storage temperature: 20 ° C

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