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Greenbottle fly (pupae)

Lucilia sp.


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1-3 working days | Only valid within Germany. International: 1-8 working days.


Basic price “variant ~800 pupae” : 28.00 EUR/liters (including bedding)

Basic price “variant ~400 pupae” : 44.00 EUR/liters (including bedding)

A standard pack contains about 30 g or about 100 ml pupae / caster (including bedding) of the Greenbottle fly Lucilia sericata. There are about 800 pupae in it with a few extra hatched flies for primary care of your mantis. Half quantities are also selectable.

After about two to four days middle sized (up to 1 cm) flyable flies emerge from the pupae – the perfect mantid food! They are suitable as food for almost all mantises from L4 on. To upgrade and extend the life of the flies can be fed with honey.

Please put the box in the fridge immediately after receipt to delay hatching of all at once! Just place the required amount of pupae at room temperature directly in the terrarium or in a container with ventilation holes (for example a cricket box).

Practical tip: For individual removal of already hatched flies, place them in the refrigerator 5 minutes before. Fits: Fine spring steel tweezers.

Second-choice: Low quality (several deceased maggots in the substrate) at a lower price.

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