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Hymenopus coronatus

Orchid mantis

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Scientific name: Hymenopus coronatus
Common name: Orchid mantis
Distribution: Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra, India, China
Habitat: Rainforest
Size: Female ~ 9 cm
Male~  4 cm
Livespan: Female up to 1,5 years
Male up to 1 year
Colour variations: White/pink/yellow/light green
Aggressivity: Middle*
Difficulty: Hard (sensitive species)

*up to L3/L4 group-housing possible (males until adult stages also in groups)
No guarantee against cannibalism. Always feed very well!

Enclosure (LxWxH):

  • Single-housing: from 20 x 20 x 30 cm
  • Small nymphs can be reared in smaller enclosures (for moulting they need twice their body length free space downwards)

Two ventilation areas (gaze at top + front) adviced to prevent waterglogging.

Days 25 - 30 °C, nights room temperature (below 18°C no problem)

Relative humidity:
~ 50 - 60 %


  • Substrate: Soil, sand, kitchen paper, gravel, coco humus etc. (animals seldom stay on the ground)
  • Branches (also horizontal/bent) and splants with strong and big leaves
  • If possible, living plants with large and long leaves (for example, orchids, bromeliads) as oviposition place
  • Clean with vinegar cleaner or biodegradable glass cleaner (rinse with clear water).
L1 Small fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster)
L2/L3 Big fruit flies (Drosophila hydei)
L4/L5 Greenbottle flies
L6 bis adult Bluebottle flies

This species also feeds on crawling insects like crickets/roaches etc.

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