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~ 20x20x20 cm with double ventilation


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For rearing and housing small and middlesized mantis species (or other arthropods):

braplastbox modified with black stainless steel gaze in the lid, feeder opening (1.2 cm diameter) with cork stopper and air holes in the front.

Dimensions: ~ 19 x 19 x 19 cm

Special advantages:

  • Double ventilation with a large ventilation area on top provides fresh air
  • Plastic-coated stainless steel gauze is rust-proof, escape-proof (such as cockroaches and crickets) and tarsae friendly (low risk of injury to mantids)
  • At low substrate height (<1 cm), even large species such as the Indian giant mantis (H. membranacea) can skin on the large gauze surface
  • Thanks to the feeding hole, it is possible to feed without opening the lid (without disturbing / escaping of the animal)
  • Easy cleaning (leight weight & no angular edges)

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