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Turn 1 into 2!


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Meshbox: for breeding or keeping separate

Dimensions: 16 x 14.5 x 14.5 cm

Existing terrariums are hereby expanded to:

  • Oothecae – inkubation
  • Keeping breeding pairs separate
  • Rearing small nymphs

… this way you can create a separate room in an existing terrarium: One terrariums becomes two!

Place the box on the ground in a terrarium or attach it to the inner wall with the four suction cups. Attention: Danger of falling when attached with suction cups, therefore it is recommended to place the gauze box on the ground!

Big fruit flies (D. hydei) rarely come through the gauze.

The box comes with a floor and an intermediate grille (both can be optionally installed). The grille is not very useful, as it does not separate any aera completey. However, if installing the floor in the middle, you have two separate areas. See application examples (pictures)!

Fitting plant: T. kolbii (Small Tillandsia, which does not need substrate!)

Due to the maximum height (upright position) of 16 cm, adult moulting is only possible for small and medium-sized species. For example, ideal for males of flower, orchid, ghost, bark and boxer mantids.

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