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Odontomantis sp. (Thailand)

Ant or not an ant?

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Nymphs of this species imitate ants (ant mimikry).

Food for L1-L3:Drosophila melanogaster
Food for L4-pre-subadult:Drosophila hydei
Food for subadult + adult: Greenbottle flies

Care: 25-30°C at daytime, spray every two days, group-keeping possible (cannibalism can occur nevertheless).

Adult size: females up to 3 cm, males up to 2 cm.

Small species, freshly hatched nymphs only about 3 mm in length! Use very tight enclosures for breeding, for example the Mantis-Cuboid.

This species is a special one in many ways: it becomes only very small (max. approx. 2 cm), is relatively well group-compatible (if all are in the same size), and is very good in reproducing: a female can build more than 10 oothecae, whereby it takes only about 3 weeks to hatch at higher temperatures (up to 30°C) and the animals are already fully grown after 2-3 months. In addition, all stages can be fed with fruit flies.

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