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Omomantis zebrata

Striped beauty

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Omomantis zebrata is a medium-sized species that is relatively unknown but is all the more beautiful!

They are relatively peaceful with each other, so you can keep them in group. Nevertheless, cannibalism is always possible. For group housing, food should be available at all times.

Terrarium: min. 20 cm high and 12 cm wide

Food for instar L1/L2: Drosophila melanogaster
Food for instar L3/L4:
 Drosophila hydei
Food for instar L5 – pre-subadult: Greenbottle flies
Food from pre-subadult: Bluebottle flies

Temperature: 24 – 28°C at daytime

Rel. air humidity: 40 – 60% Before the next spraying let the terrarium dry off!

Size as adults: ~ 6 cm

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