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Pea aphids

Acyrthosiphon pisum


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Pea aphids (Acyrthosiphon pisum) as an alternative to Drosophila melanogaster, springtails or hatched firebrats. It is a healthy and harmless feeder insect for the smallest terrarium inhabitants. Reproduction occurs only on peas and their close relatives, therefore the transition to indoor plants is unlikely.

By planting fresh pea seedlings in new containers, the aphids can be bred at home in the long term.

One pack contains at least 40 animals with a body length of 1-3 mm (1 liter breeding pot).

After receipt open the lid to avoid mold. Aphids remain predominantly on the forage plant. Place in a sunny place and water the plants regularly!

To remove the aphids, beat / shake the cup.

In the cups it can come to mold through the shipping or storage process. However, this does not affect the breeding success.

Living feed insects –
Not suitable for human consumption.
Storage temperature: 20 ° C (for breeding up to 30°C).

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