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Porcellionides pruinosus

Plum Woodlouse


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Delivered are ~ 50 pcs. “Plum Woodlice” Porcellionides pruinosus of mixed gender and size in a breeding substrate. Colour of the animals: reddish-brown to grey.

They feed on organic waste and mushrooms (mold), thus ensuring a cleaner terrarium (“ground police”). Also suitable as a feeder insect (positive: high calcium content). They are both active on the substrate and underground and have also a status as a terrarium animal due to their relatively big size and activity. Well suited for beginners or children who want start in the terraristic field.

Size of the woodlice in the adult stage: about 10 mm.

For breeding they need temperatures of about 23 – 26 ° C and a diet in the form of fish flake food, unsprayed vegetables, oatmeal, mushroom mycelium (white rotten wood or flake soil) and beech or oak leaves. Also offer lime in the form of sepia shell or lime powder.

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