Terrarium incl. padlock

23x23x30 cm with double ventilation


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1-3 working days | Only valid within Germany. International: 1-8 working days.

Terrarium “Smart Line” with double ventilation from Terralantis has the outer dimensions of 23x23x30 cm (LxWxH). So it is a little bit wider than the standard of 20x20x30 cm

Each terrarium is delivered including padlock.

The cover is removable and also includes two recesses for cables.

Colour variations: black & white

Recommended for praying mantises from L5, but also phasmids, beetles, tarantulas and rearing small reptiles.

Fitting product: Starter-Set PREMIUM

Attention: When ordering a second terrarium, the shipping cost will be doubled.  With three terrariums the shipping costs are tripled etc.

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