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Heat mat (Infrared)

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Small heating mats for heating terrariums:

  • Emission of long-wave infrared radiation (heats objects directly, similar to a sunbath)
  • Voltage: 220V – 240V
  • Self-adhesiv
  • With EU power plug and 150 cm cable length
  • Only for outdoor installation on heat-resistant plastic or glass terrariums


  • 15 x 14 cm (5 Watt)
  • 15 x 28 cm (7 Watt) 

Temperature test with 15x14cm Mat at 22°C outer temperature (room temperature) gave:

  • Heating mat (attached to the back of a 20x20x20 cm plastic container) heats up to 35 – 40°C
  • Inside the enclosure, a heat gradient of about 25 – 30°C is created

For heating of praying mantises terrariums, the attachment to a side wall (rear wall) is recommended.

Attention: Do not bring in contact with water. Only suitable for outside attachement. Ensure ventilation distance (especially when attached to the bottom of terrariums, these must stand on little feet)!

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