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Square box 5100 ml

With tight lid (no ventilation)

3,50 16,63 

incl. VAT, plusshipping
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Transparent plastic box made of polypropylene (PP) incl. tight-fitting lid

Upper dimensions: 193 x 193 mm
Bottom dimensions: 158 x 158 mm
Height: 191 mm
Capacity: 5100 ml

Since the lid closes very tightly, it is a little heavier to open than in the similar Braplastbox, but it also closes completely tight .. not even the smallest animals like fruit flies or Collembola can escape.

This product is approved for the food industry and is generally suitable for use between 0 ° C and + 45 ° C. Responsibility for use outside this temperature range is the sole responsibility of the user.

Install ventilation surfaces as required or buy it here with ventilation area!


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