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Starter-Set PREMIUM

for terrariums from 20x20x30 cm

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Coco humus tab × 2

2 x substrate tabs (let swell with water)

0,80  each

Insufficient stock (only 22 left in stock)

Peperomia pereskiifolia

Living plant


5 in stock

LED tubelight

Illumination from above (incl. suction cups)


3 in stock

Heat mat (Infrared)

Attach outside on backside (self-adhesive)

Temporarily unavailable

Hygrothermometer digital

Control temperature and humidity (batteries included)


3 in stock

Sprayer - 250 ml

For free in bundle: Small sprayer

3,90  0,00 

116 in stock

Feeding tweezers fine

Insect tweezers


30 in stock

This product is currently unavailable.

The PREMIUM starter set includes a complete package of setup and accessories that are required for keeping mantises. Suitable for “beginners” and “advanced” species, e.g.: Hierodula, Sphodromantis, Hymenopus, Blepharopsis, Creobroter, Phyllocrania, Parasphendale…

Recommended for enclosures from 20x20x30 cm to 30x30x40 cm (LxWxH).

Additionally recommended: White woodlice oder Springtails for a bioactive substrate.

Das Set does NOT include a terrarium! Please order separately.

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