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Purchase of mantises and other arthropds

  • Where to go with my invertebrates?
  • Can I sell all my praying mantids at once?
  • Can someone remove my fertilized ootheca?
  • How should I pack and ship my animals safely?

If you ask yourself these questions .. then you are right here!

Basically, I always have some empty enclosures in which can accommodate new entrants. 20 or 200 pieces, everything is possible.

My purchase price always depends on type, quantity and own availability. Here is an assessment:

  • Common species (Hierodula, Paradoxa, Creobroter etc.): 0.10 Euro – 1.00 Euro per animal / 5.00 Euro per ootheca
  • Heat-loving species (Blepharopsis, Gongylus, Sybilla etc.): 0.30 – 3.00 Euro per animal / 10 Euro per ootheca
  • Rare species (Hymenopus, Idolomantis, Metallyticus etc.): 1.00 – 10 Euro per animal / 30 Euro per ootheca

Please keep in mind that I am no longer hobbyist, but breeding and selling is my main occupation. This is only worth it, because I breed most species myself and buy little. The sale, however, incur substantial taxes and operating fees that one or the other may not be aware of. Therefore, my purchase prices must be significantly lower than the retail price.

Of course, I can only pay for animals that arrive in perfect condition. Exactly so for oothecae: Payment takes place from the time of hatching.


I am happy to help with questions about shipping of insects or I can pick up in the Rhine-Main area / Hesse as well.

I also offer to send a package with a return slip (DHL), which contains packaging boxes (and in winter an insulation and heatpack) for return shipping.

Questions do not cost anything and I’m happy about every offer!

Send me an offer via the contact form (please if possible with number, size, gender distribution and asking price).

Katharina Wüst