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Image: Idolomantis diabolica - Devil's flower mantis


Odering to many countries within the EU is still possible at www.mantidenundmehr.de (in German)

M&M Wüst - Mantids and more

Since 2014, M&M Wüst is one of the largest and most successful online shops of mantids and other invertebrates from all over the world. The team consists of me (Katharina Wüst) and currently two employees. In more than 10 years experience in breeding and shipping of praying mantises and other arhtropods (orb web spiders, phasmids, bugs, orthoptera & co.) I have already supplied thousands of customers worldwide. Here you can not only shop, but also find information about more than 30 mantid species and interesting facts about breeding, sexing and diseases. Let's go - just order online and have your new pet delivered safely packed home.

Customer reviews

Ordered 2 mantids and both arrived healthy one even molted during the shipment

Pedro Serejo
22. December 2020

The package arrived very quickly despite a plane breaking down in Copenhagen and slowing down the process. She arrived safely and is very healthy. I couldn’t be happier, thank you!

Josefiina Rintamäki
26. November 2020

Ordered here for the first time 2 days ago . Delivery was very fast , very well packaged ( they added a heating pad to make sure she stays warm)…

Simon Olbrechts
18. November 2020

I ordered 4 diabolicas and 1 omomantis and all of them arrived healthy and well. The omomantis had molted on the way but it looks to have gone well! The…

9. November 2020

Best place to buy mantids if you live anywhere in Europe! Got two mantids so far, both were safely packaged and arrived quickly 🙂 Not to mention they were gorgeous!

11. October 2020

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