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Idolomantis diabolica - Große Teufelsblume

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Since 2014, M&M Wüst is one of the largest and most successful online shops of mantids and other invertebrates from all over the world. The team consists of me (Katharina Wüst) and currently two employees. In more than 10 years experience in breeding and shipping of praying mantises and other arhtropods (orb web spiders, phasmids, bugs, orthoptera & co.) I have already supplied thousands of customers worldwide. Here you can not only shop, but also find information about more than 30 mantid species and interesting facts about breeding, sexing and diseases. Let's go - just order online and have your new pet delivered safely packed home.

Customer reviews

Packaging was the best I have ever seen, both darlings arrived safe and very well fed! Extremely pleased and will 100% be buying from again. Thank you so much! 🙂

emma conway
United Kindom

Everything came in good condition and the praying mantis looks healthy just what I wanted from this shop!
Katharina Wüst was very nice to me the customer support was…


That’s the second time I ordered here and I am totally satisfied. The first time was in winter and the mantids / other stuff arrived here very quick and very…


Katharina is the the BEST! highly recommend! You will not find a more honest breeder on this planet!


Animals were in great shape and arrived fast.
I would really recommend this site!


just perfect!

Dennis D

Super friendly and has stayed in constant contact with me. And even with me asking a million questions. ALL were answered VERY fast. Even did something that blew my mind….

Erik Iacopelli
Puerto Rico

Well communication & relatively fast shipping. Animals arrived healthy. It is my second business with Katharina and she still is one of the best dealers on the list. Definately recommend…

Ingars Silins

They arrived in three days, all across europw to Finland!
Perfectly healthy mantis babies with a great appetite????
Also the packaging was good and they included an additional…


Rigtig god butik, alle knælere kom frem i fin stand.

Casper Hølmkjær

I had ordered 2 L3 H. masjuscula nymphs and they arrived healthy at my place. I hope they are a couple.


Received a shipment with 6 praying mantises of two species. Even though they were in transit for nearly 5 days, they arrived very healthy. The stages were exactly as described…


All perfect with the shipment, also she is very kind and professional. Very recommended.


I ordered a budwing, fruitfies and some other things. It arrived very quickly. She added even a heatpack at it so my mantis was kept warm. That was nice. I…


It was nicely packed all mantids arrived healthy and full with life. 1 of them had a good molt during the trip.

angelique velthuysen

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